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Ed Farm equips educators in schools and communities with innovative tools and strategies that support active learning for all students.

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An inventive world where all people have access to everything they need to fill or create the jobs of the future.


Waymond Jackson
CEO Ed Farm Ed Farm is a community builder! We create value and invest in the people who will create and participate in the digital economy.
Deon Gordon
Advisor, President and CEO, TechBirmingham Ed Farm I’m honored to help create a culture where everyone can gain the skills needed today to take advantage of the coding and creative opportunities of tomorrow.
Bobby Watson
Director of Operations Ed Farm We don’t have years to fix education and employment­ – we have today.
Beth Sanders
Programs Manager Ed Farm I am deeply rooted in a radically innovative approach to creating a better way of learning and living for the whole child and the whole adult.
Candyce Monroe
Education Program Coordinator Ed Farm This is a life changing work. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to support teachers as they equip students for the future. Ed Farm is poised to play a major role in changing educational outcomes for students and I am excited to be a part of that.
LaToria Foy
Workforce Coordinator Ed Farm My passion is to prepare our community to greatly impact the world of technology.
Brittany Hollis
Manager of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives Ed Farm No longer do we have to wait for a seat at the table, we are the table! I am passionate about inviting the community to our table to provide access to tools to fulfill the jobs of today and beyond.
Sarah Jones
Senior Product Manager Ed Farm Our communities and nation will overlook its best talent until we reach educational equality. With Ed Farm, I’m ready to help close the opportunity gaps in tech education, device and internet access, and digital literacy. The time for tech equity was yesterday.
Inga Willis
Director of Strategic Partnerships Ed Farm Our HBCU's are national treasures to community, industry, and history. I am honored to chart the course of digital sustainability solutions and entrepreneurship pathways with the EdFarm team as we propel the equity paradigm toward greater inclusion.

Board of Directors

April Benetollo, Momentum
Jay Brandrup, Kinetic Communications
Myla Calhoun, Alabama Power Foundation
Bing Edwards, Fortif Law Partners, LLC
Anthony Oni, Southern Company Gas

key industry partner


where is Ed Farm located?

Ed Farm is located at 1914 4th Ave N, Suite 200, Birmingham, Alabama, 35203. We have an open-door policy, and we encourage you to visit. Please email to schedule a visit.

what curriculum does Ed Farm use?

Ed Farm uses Apple’s Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create curricula. You can access the digital books for free using Apple Books.

is Ed Farm a statewide initiative?

Currently, Ed Farm works with Birmingham City Schools and adult learners in the Greater Birmingham area. Beginning in school year 2020-2021, Ed Farm will expand its work statewide.

is Ed Farm a nonprofit organization?

Ed Farm is the signature program of TechAlabama, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to encourage, inspire, and ignite children and adults to discover and explore technology, learn to code, and pursue STEM careers.