Embracing the Pivot

During the month of March, our world changed. Public institutions, governments, nonprofits, and schools pivoted rapidly to deploy resources and programs in new and different ways with the goal of supporting families and children. Although we all hope for better days in the near future, we are also inspired by the resilience and creativity we’ve seen in recent weeks.

At Ed Farm, we used this inspiration to motivate our team to try new things to support adult learners during this time of uncertainty. Starting on March 17, we embraced the pivot and converted the Pathways course to a digital learning experience. It was not easy, and it required multiple test runs. That said, through the use of platforms like Zoom, Slack, and Canvas, our instructional team found an effective way to create interactive and powerful digital learning experiences for the Pathways cohort. Throughout the first week of online instruction, learners explored the view controller life cycle and created app workflows. They offered questions via Slack and reflected on their learning via discussion boards. It was amazing. The Pathways team will continue to offer the course remotely throughout the remainder of March and make informed decisions about the future of the class in the weeks to come. Regardless of the direction we pursue, we now know that we can offer a blended learning model to future cohorts.

We’ve also shared numerous Coronavirus resources through our social media channels. Here are a few links that we’d encourage educators and families to explore:

For families and students in Birmingham, here are a list of school and community center food sites you can access in the coming weeks:

Our team is committed to innovation in teaching and learning, and we will continue to partner with educators and adult learners to Cultivate Change in Birmingham and beyond.

We will share regular updates and resources via our Stories page, e-blasts, and social media pages. Stay connected and let us know how we can provide support in these uncertain times.

We hope you are safe and healthy.