Ed Farm’s Commitment to All


Each year, as we near the celebration of the life and work of Dr. King., I am drawn to a book I hold dear – Martin Luther King, Jr., I Have A Dream – Writings and Speeches That Changed the World, by James M. Washington. Today, my attention was captured by a speech Dr. King delivered in 1960 in honor of the Golden Anniversary Conference of the National Urban League. Fittingly, the speech was titled “The Rising Tide of Racial Consciousness.

In his speech, Dr. King addresses the growing sentiment that African-Americans need not be afraid of proclaiming racial pride. He further explains that racial pride for African-Americans should not be a call to racial isolationism and that “all” Americans hold the “promissory note” signed by the founders of our country. He goes on to call upon “all” Americans “not to allow the nation to default on its indebtedness to the spirit and principle of democracy.”  Today, as we celebrate the life of a humanitarian whose impact on equality, service and kindness were felt in the U.S and abroad, his words ring just as true and should be viewed as a call to action for “all.”

As remarkable a speech ever delivered by King, he closes by appealing to the National Urban League members to take constructive action for our youth.  He proclaimed that “no greater tragedy could befall us at this hour but that of allowing new opportunities to emerge without the concomitant preparedness to meet them.” At Ed Farm, our work seeks to address just that. We fully believe in the power of “all.”  We cultivate change and promote innovation in education, and we equip educators in schools and communities with innovative tools and teaching strategies that support active learning for “all” students.

Like Dr. King, we believe that “all” should have access to the promise of our country, especially in areas of economic advancement. Through coding, entrepreneurship, and active learning, our work provides an equitable solution to ensure that “all” have access to greater opportunities and that “all” are prepared to meet them. Today, with each of you, we celebrate the legacy of Dr. King, his work, his “Dream,” his impact, and most important to us, his commitment to “all” that guides our work.  Today, we celebrate an American who pushed our country closer to realizing the true ideals of our country that “all” are created equal.

Waymond Jackson, Jr.
Ed Farm